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Leave the past to God’s mercy, the present to God’s love, and the future to His providence.

+ Abba Hesychius

Keep your eyes blindfolded for just three days, and afterwards you will find that the light of the sun hurts them.
Sever your bond with God for just three hours, and you will find it painful to look at Him again.
You ask me: how long does my prayer last? ...
I ceaselessly cense my faith with prayer, lest the scents of the world blind it.

+ St. Nikolai Velimirovitch, in “Prayers by the Lake”

Houd uw ogen slechts drie dagen lang geblinddoekt, en dan zult gij bemerken dat het licht van de zon hen pijn doet.
Houd uzelf slechts drie uur lang van God verwijderd, en gij zult bemerken dat het pijnlijk is Zijn Licht weer te zien.
Gij vraagt mij: hoe lang duurt uw gebed? ...
Onophoudelijk bewierook ik mijn geloof met gebed, opdat de geuren van de wereld het niet verblinden.

+ H. Nikolai Velimirovitch, in “Gebeden bij het Meer”

Everything throughout the world is ruled by divine Providence, and consequently by the will of God in so far as it is not produced by the will of man ...

God has bestowed liberty upon thee, that thou mightest freely choose between good and evil, between the creature and the Creator, between thyself and God. If thou choosest and constantly abidest in the choice of that which is good, of God and His will, thou wilst not lose, but on the contrary strengthen and increase thy liberty. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” (2Cor.3:17)

+ St. Philaret of Moscow

Pray, Christian, fervently and with the whole might of thy soul, pray diligently and perseveringly, pray rightly and purely; and if thou art not thyself equal to it, then pray for prayer itself, and by prayer thou wilt first obtain true and effectual prayer, and then this prayer shall overcome all things with thee and obtain all things for thee: it will guide thee unto Mount Tabor or create a Tabor within thee: it will call down heaven into thy soul, and raise thy soul into heaven.

+ St. Philaret of Moscow

You write, “I read a lot, is this bad?
Ït can be bad and it can be good, depending on what you read and how you read it ...
The question remains as to whether one may read anything besides spiritual things.
I would tell you with reservation, in a low voice:
You may if you like, but just a little and not indiscriminately.
Take this as a sign: When you are in a good mood spiritually and begin reading a book containing human wisdom, if the good mood begins to desert you, get rid of the book. This is a general rule for you...
+ St. Theophan the Recluse

A bad book does you harm. A good book is good for you. Even if you aren’t reading to put into practice what you read, because you have the desire inside of you, slowly, slowly, in time, without violence and pressure, the desire for good matures and finally you put it into practice.

+ Holy Elder Porphyrius (of Kavsokalyvia, Mt. Athos)

Do not seek to be seen as if you are above all evils, but grieve, when you fall below what is good.

+ Saint Gregory the Theologian (photocollage: Gethsemane)

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