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WORDS OF LIFE - TEXTS in English - A selection of longer excerpts related to the words and themes from the miniposters - and sometimes also to other sections on this site

- On the Reading of Spiritual and Secular Books, by St. Theophan the Recluse (and an excerpt from a letter ‘On Solitude)

- On the Power and Efficacy of Prayer, by St. Philaret of Moscow (form ‘Select Sermons’)

- Guarding the Treasure Within, by St. Nikolai Velimirovitch (from ‘Prayers by the Lake’)

- Living by a Single Thought, by Archim. Zacharias Zacharou (from ‘Remember Thy First Love’)

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In this section you will find a few longer texts, related to the sayings on the miniposters. Some other texts, referred to in the same albums, are given in Dutch translation > on a separate page, see here.

Below an overview of the available pieces, each with a little introduction to give an idea of the contents. To access the actual texts, click on the buttons at the right hand side of the page.

The entire collection of miniposters can be found via the main page of “Words of Life”, see here.

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How to live our day-to-day life in a way which is spiritually profitable? From the Saint’s correspondence with a young Christian …

Once a young lady was suddenly struck with the futility of the life of this world. Recently come from a traditional Orthodox village to the lively whirlpool of the city, she wrote to Bishop Theophan the Recluse, with whom her family was acquainted:

“Is this normal, or is it a morbid hindrance
to a desire for a happy life in the world?”

His answer evoked a correspondence in which the Bishop first of all introduced her to the fundamentals of the spiritual life. But her growing eagerness to lead a truly spiritual life also led to practical questions.

One of these questions arose from her enthusiasm for reading: Would that be wrong, now that she had embarked on a truly Christian life…?

For Saint Theophan’s answer, click the buttons on the right >>

On Reading Spiritual and Secular Books St. Theophan the Recluse (1815-1894)

Why would anybody pray, unless there is some benefit in this …

In a homily, given at the Feast of Transfiguration, St. Philaret explores the reasons why man prays, the doubts sown as to the point of prayer, as well as the glorious aim of true prayer, as witnessed at the Lord’s Transfiguration.

But then, as in answer to any remaining doubts, he also explores the reasons why so many prayers seem to remain unanswered …

To read Saint Philaret’s teaching on prayer,
click the buttons on the right >>

On the Power and Efficacy of Prayer St. Philaret of Moscow (1782-1867)

Encouragement for the heart, wearied by the hatred of the world …

Even as Bishop Nikolai encouraged his own heart: during his exile near the lake where he wrote these fiery words of light, born from his love for God and his fellow-men, when meeting with all the misery of humankind.

Two texts from his “Prayers by the Lake” …

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Guarding the Treasure Within St. Nikolai Velimirovitch (1880-1956)

What is the use of ascetic watchfulness and the practice of the Jesus Prayer?

This short text encourages us to follow the way of the Saints, in order that we, too, may live according to the great commandments of love.

From a talk with the same title (Wichita A.D. 2009), published in the book “Remember Thy First Love”..

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>> also available in Dutch / ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands

Living by a single thought Archim. Zacharias, AD 2009/2010

What is the purpose of man’s life?
Will we ever be able to find joy and happiness on this earth?

In this article professor Mantzarides presents us with the paradox of man’s deepest desires - which cannot be denied, but never seem to be answered.

Nevertheless, an answer does exist: In the ancient Tradition concerning man’s deification, made possible by the Incarnation ...

An excerpt from the book “Orthodox Spiritual Life” (followed by a quotation by Saint Symeon of Thessalonica, from an earlier chapter)

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Deification Professor George I. Mantzarides, AD 1994

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